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Practice Field Selection

Questions? email the registrar

All coaches who input choices before the deadline have an equal chance of getting the desired times/fields. It's not first-come/first-served; the system optimizes assignments across all teams. Assignments will be available at the coaches' meetings. You will be able to log in to see which fields you have been assigned. Email your division commissioner if you want to change your practice time; email the registrar with other questions.

Here's how it works

(As with just about everything, you first need to log into your account on this website using your login phone number and password.)

Only one coach per team, the Administrative Coach, can make selections for that team. If you do not know the name of your team's Administrative Coach, ask your division commissioner. If you are the Administrative Coach, when you log in you will see a PRACTICE FIELDS button.

If you are head coach of more than one team, see the special multiple teams instructions at the bottom of this page before you start.

A few notes on how this works. In U7, teams practice one hour/week. In U8, most teams hold one practice each week; if there are still spaces available after the initial assignment iterations, U8 coaches may select a second spot (but not yet! Check with your DC). You can enter up to five choices for your first practice time, and, if you want a second practice time and you're coaching at U9 and above, five choices for your second practice time. The more information you can provide via your choices, the greater the chance you'll be happy with the results. For example, if you choose Tuesday at 4:30 for all five practice #1 choices and Thursday at 4:30 for all five practice #2 choices, it will be really clear that you want two practices, one each on Tuesday and Thursday. But if your first choice for practice slot #1 is Tuesday at 4:30 and your second choice for practice slot #1 is Thursday at 4:30, and you don't make third, fourth, and fifth choices -- or indicate that you want a second practice day -- the system will assume that you only want to practice one day a week.

There is also some confusion among coaches about gaming the system. Some coaches believe that if they only select one option for practice slot #1, the system will have to give them that option. Not true The program will be quite happy to refuse to assign them to any slot.

For optimal results, follow the steps below. Again, you will not be able to access the input page only if your division commissioner has designated you an admin coach.

1. From your coach page, click the Practice Fields button. You will be transported to the practice selection page
2. Use the pulldown menus in the brown section to select a practice day.
3. If you are coaching U9-U14 and would like a second practice day, use the pulldown menus on the right side.

After all coaches have input their preferences, the program will optimize the selections and assign you one or two practice time slots.

When the practice field assignments are finalized, there may be some unclaimed spots. Talk to your division commissioner about exchanging your practice time for an unclaimed practice time. After the season begins, unclaimed practice times will be offered to coaches on a week-by-week first-come first-served basis.

Multiple teams. If you are the head coach for more than one team, the algorithm gives you preference above other coaches. However, you will have to run through the practice selection process multiple times, one per team.

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